A couple of sites I’ve launched

Lots of opinions here lately, and very few concrete examples of work I've done. I thought I'd take a few minutes of your time and talk about those projects here.

All of the sites I've built are in Swedish. The reason for Swedish is just that they are so much easier to write for. Since English is not my native language, everything takes a little bit longer when having to struggle with vocabulary.

All of the sites are built with Django, a framework I've had great success with, which feels both well architectured and easy to get started with (a very unusual combination). Django also lets me write the HTML I want, without getting in the way.

(By the way: there's a Django User Group forming in Stockholm if you're interested. First meeting this friday)


The first one to launch was Uttråkad.se - hitta saker att göra, a site for everyone that have too much time on their hands. I guess the english version would be "bored.com", which kinda tells you what the site is about, right? :) Anyway, we've played around with having the site very open, with no registration needed at all.

I would say the launch has been a good one, with an article in metro the first week of launch, 153 activities posted, and about 70 daily unique visitors. It has been a fun project to be a part of, and it's been developed together with three friends in a group we call openworks.

Are you bored? Then play around with Uttråkad a bit :)


With our first project barely launched we decided to join an even called 24 hour business camp. The idea was simple: prepare a business idea, and build and launch it in 24 hours. Said and done: 92 entrepreneurs gathered at a luxurious conference center and presented 52 new sites 24 hours later. It was simply the best conference I've been to, and an extreme energy boost to be in a group of doers like that.

Anyway, we launched Kundo - kundtjänst på nätet after 24 hours, a site that companies can use to embed a feedback-widget on their site. Translates to something like "CustomerO.com", it's clearly influenced from Getsatisfaction but in Swedish.  There's clearly a need for better ways for companies to communicate with their customers in Sweden too.

After the camp we still had some bugs and important features missing, so yesterday me and Björn sat down and squashed all the major ones. So, do you know of a company that needs to take better care of their customers? For free. Send them a link to Kundo. Thanks! :)


I've also been busy with Django at work. Samhallsentreprenor.se is a meeting place for people that work in projects that somehow help their local (or global) community. These are people that are incredibly motivated to do good, a group that's of course great to work for.

We've released new versions of the site about every 10 days, so development is fast, and through the development blog people can directly influence future features.

So, do you have ideas for projects that can help people around you? Sign up on the site and start talking to people.

Two more projects…#

… are under development and will be announced when they are done. There's no lack of things to do in my world :)