IE7 Zoom Bug: Text width incorrectly calculated

IE7 shipped with a new and improved Page Zoom feature that lets you zoom more than just the text of the page. While I think I like it (there’s many saying it will make developers lives easier), it has its bugs.

The most recent one I’ve seen is its failure to correctly calculate text width. I’ve found no fix for this, except adding a right-margin, something that renders the box too wide instead of too narrow. The calculation seems to a little bit better with font-style: italic;, but it’s still incorrect.

It you have a fix, let me know in the comments (the usual stuff does not seem to work).

I guess the Page Zoom is hard to implement, since basic things like that breaks. At the other hand, Opera has had it for years, and Firefox will in version 3. I really look forward to explaining this to customers :)

One response to “IE7 Zoom Bug: Text width incorrectly calculated

  1. Amazing bug. Even selecting the text is broken. (The selection is bound within the borders, and copying proves that its actually misjudging which characters to select). Hm, this suggests that there is somehow actual text that is slightly smaller that the browser is aware of but not displaying, perhaps choosing to display a larger, smoother font?

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