IE8 renders the acid 2 test

I’m not sure why I don’t see that many people talking about the fact that IE8 renders the acid 2 test perfectly now. It really seems Microsoft is starting to move forward again, after starting to feel some pressure from the open source world. Will they be able to pick up the speed needed to get 96% marketshare again? Time will tell.

Update: Good interview about IE8 on channel9.

5 responses to “IE8 renders the acid 2 test

  1. I’m just worried that they’ve put everything in to passing the Acid2 test and will still deliver the same old crap.

    IE7 was nothing more than IE6 with tabs and some patches.
    I’m afraid IE8 will be IE7 with Acid2 compliance (but all the other crap still in there…).

    I just don’t want to get my hopes up like I did last time.

  2. Maybe because it it doesn’t. There may be a snapshot inside microsoft which renders acid 2 perfectly, or they may be lying. Until they actually deliver it, there is no real difference.

    Or can I get a copy and check it out for myself? Today?

    Until I can, every version of MSIE sucks big time. Nothing much to talk about then.

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