OpenID, Nofollow removed, Comment counts, and IE7 fixes

I'm added a few features to the site:

OpenID support: Instead of typing your name and e-mail you could instead sign in with an OpenID-enabled URL. Or you could completely ignore it, and go on as usual.

Nofollow restriction removed: WordPress by default adds rel="nofollow" to all links that people write in comments. It's a good way to decrease the impact of spam. Thing is, I strictly moderate comments, and have three plugins that prevent spam (Akismet, Spam Karma 2, and Bad Behavior). Since spam really isn't a problem, I've decided to remove the nofollow from your links, if you've posted more than three comments.

Comment counts: To make it easier to see who you can trust and not in the comments I've added a comment count next to the name. Damn, I've commented a lot :)

IE7 fixes: There were script errors in IE7 since I'm trying to do funky stuff with opacity on the search field. I've fixed that. Also, the number of subscribers wasn't visible in IE7. They are now.

Over and out.