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Reverse text with CSS (32 very special hex digits)

Sometimes you wake up and feel that big things are moving around you. You follow the news and find that people are uniting over something simple as a number. You read about people calling them rebels.

I think this is a good time to show a little CSS trick.

Let me present two properties that together reverse a string of text: direction and unicode-bidi:

<p style="direction: rtl; unicode-bidi: bidi-override;">
0C 88 65 36 5C 65 14 8D B5 3E 47 D9 20 11 9F 90

The result, when this is posted on your blog (*hint*) is the following:

0C 88 65 36 5C 65 14 8D B5 3E 47 D9 20 11 9F 90

Am I a CSS rebel now? And are they going to sue me on the basis of my HTML or my CSS?

Friendly Bit is a blog by Emil Stenström, a Swedish web developer that occasionally gets ideas of how to improve the internet.