Short web standards quiz

Q1. What does “semantics” mean in the context of web development?

  1. To use CSS for layout instead of tables
  2. To validate your page according to a given W3C specification
  3. To use the most appropriate HTML tags for your content

Q2. Which was the next CSS specification released after CSS2?

  1. CSS3
  2. CSS2.1
  3. CSS2.0

Q3. In context of content, presentation, and behaviour. What language is appropriate for the behaviour?

  1. CSS
  2. XHTML
  3. Javascript

Q4. If you want to mark that a certain word is short for something longer, which HTML tag should you use?

Q5. Which of the following is NOT possible to do with W3C’s CSS2?

  1. Change the color of the scrollbar
  2. Make a div fill the whole height of the page
  3. Change the distance between lines of text in a paragraph

Q6. One of the following is a valid doctype, which one?

  1. HTML 4.01 Quirks mode
  2. HTML 4 Standards mode
  3. HTML 4.01 Strict

Q7. W3C’s validator (with XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype) would let through one of the following lines. Which one?

  1. Sesame street 34
  2. Hello

  3. Data

Q8. The much awaited CSS3 specification includes the following feature:

  1. An easy way to add shadows to your text
  2. A way to open windows in new tabs
  3. Possibility to animate (move) text and images

Q9. Which of the following is valid CSS2?

  1. display: inline-block;
  2. * { margin: 0; }
  3. _width: 300px;

Q10. Which of the following is NOT valid CSS2?

  1. p:first-letter { font-size: 200%; }
  2. * html #container { width: 30ex; }
  3. tr:nth-child(2n) td { background: Silver; }

Are you uncertain about any of the questions? Just post a comment and I’ll answer. (You can also use the comments just to show off or points out errors of course :).

10 responses to “Short web standards quiz

  1. I’m pretty sure I know them all except the: ‘certain word is short for something longer,’ … I said <abr> because I thought acronym was a property of other elements… am I right?

  2. [Editor: updated quiz to reflect errors]

    Q1. 3
    Q2. 2
    Q3. 3

    Q4. 2 (abbr, not abr). And it’s important to remember that IE doesn’t support that element so you’ll need some kind of work around for it.

    Q5. Uhm, well. Styling the browser scrollbar can’t be done with CSS, and giving a 100% height on a element doesn’t work either. So both 1 & 2.

    Q6. 3

    Q7. It’ll surely not let nr 1 pass since it’s spelled wrong. But I guess you meant nr 3 since it’s badly structured.

    Q8. 1
    Q9. 2
    Q10. 3 (waiting for css3…)

    Nice quiz, even though there are some errors.

  3. @Teddy: Thanks for you comments.

    Q4: you’re absolutely right, My idea here was that 1 should be the answer and abbr misspelled but I should have read up on the definitions first. I’ll change that right away.

    Q5: stupid me, a NOT too much there. Chaning.

    Q7: I’m right on that one though. No NOT in that question.

  4. Hi

    Emil: Do you mean “address” instead of “adress”? Otherwhise – what does adress mean?

    What does: “Q5: stupid me, a NOT too much there. Chaning.” – “Chaning” mean?

    Question five: all of them. Scrollbars in IE, make div height to 100% and change the “line-height” property.

    Why wouldn’t “display: inline-block” be valid CSS?

    Question ten: 2 and 3. There is no unit “en”.

    Question eight: really number one? I’ve heard some stuff about tabs as well though.

  5. @Henrik: Chaning = Changing… are you going to correct my spelling in the comments? :)

    Q5: No, setting scrollbars is NOT possible using “W3C’s CSS2”. It’s possible using IE only code though.

    Q7: that spelling error rules out 1) but the question is still correct.

    Q8: don’t be silly :) tabs will never be controlled from the CSS.

    Q9: Read the question again. CSS2 is not CSS2.1

    Q10: True, should be ex… fixing.

  6. Will you post real answers to these? :)
    Q1: 3
    Q2: 2
    Q3: 3
    Q4: 1 – pretty sure its <acronym>.
    Q5: I think it’s 2, because I know 1 and 3 are possible for sure, and I remember I have trouble doing 100% div height before.
    Q6: 3
    Q7: 2 – pretty sure Transitional lets thru font tags. (1 should be <address> though)
    Q8: no idea, I’m guessing it’s 1, because tabs is browser-specific, and animating is pointless (JS for behavior).
    Q9: I think it’s 2?
    Q10: no idea, guessing 3..

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