Carnival and Site updates

Hi all! I just wanted to gather a few things in one big post about this site.

Carnival of the Web #2#

First and foremost. I'd like to tip you off about Carnival of the web #2, Jesse Skinner's gathering of the best posts he can find. Proof of its quality? I'm in it :) Keep up the good work Jesse.

Secondly. This site has gotten a quite a few small updates lately (I hope it didn't break things for you). The biggest reason for updates is my submission to a site that aims to be a big gallery of accessible websites. I thought it would be fun to submit and get some feedback on the accessibility features of this site, so I did. I can tell you now that their reviewing was thorough. I got a list back with all problems of the site outlined, down to details. Impressive. It all ended up with Friendly Bit being featured as a "Quality Universal Design" according to them means:

"The Classic Universal Design Award site shows a thorough attention to detail. This is a great web site on which the developer toiled diligently to get it right. This is the type of website that we can all learn from. For a site like this, the client should be telling everyone they know to hire the project’s developer (in addition to a footer link and icon display, and next project promise)."

With a score of 24.22 I'm just 0.7 points from the next level, something I'm very happy with. Go ahead and see what they wrote about me.

Anyway. I've made a lot of minor adjustments to this site because of the review. The site now fits into 800 wide screens. It is less confusing with images disbled. The navigation to the right uses underline and not only color as its hover decoration. Lots of little things like that.

Updates to how comments work#

Of other reasons I've also tuned the comments a bit. The trackbacks and pingpack got moved down (they were just annoying to anyone trying to follow a discussion). Now you'll find them at the bottom of the article. You will also be able to edit your comment for 10 minutes after it's posted. I'll see how this works for a while, let me know if something breaks (check the contact page for e-mail).

Any other changes you'd like to see?

Update: Switched to Feedburner for my feeds, let me know if they cause you any trouble.