Django – the fun framework (presentation)

Yesterday I attended the excellent Geek Meet hosted by Robert Nyman at the Creuna office. I held a presentation about the Django web framework, and took some time today to add some comments in english and make a PDF-file of the presentation. Would you like to know why Django is more fun than what you’re using right now?

So go ahead and have a look at the presentation: Django – the fun framework (11 Mb, PDF with english comments)

8 responses to “Django – the fun framework (presentation)

  1. Great presentation and performance yesterday! The slides will come in handy.

  2. I’m definitely with you, Django is a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the slides.

    In the list of sites that use Django, you could almost have put Jaiku there as they’re in the process of rewriting it with Django for use in Google App Engine. Thought you like to know ;)

  3. Ah, so you’ve found django to, and even held a speach on it! I’ll have to agree, Django makes coding web apps as fun as it should be again! :-)

  4. @Anders Ytterström: You’re not looking for a new job are you? There’s lots of people here working with both polopoly and other cms:es. Interested?

    On the Cal Henderson video: It’s a good one. I really like his style, and that it’s kinda hard to know if he’s serious or not. I haven’t ran into any of the problems he mentions, yet.

  5. Nice to see that you have found Django too, we need more publicity for Django from good Swedish bloggers. Keep up the good work! Will download the PDF now and have a read.

    Oh, and regarding the Cal Henderson-video: can’t you see that he’s totally serious, he has a beard fer crissake!

  6. @Emil: I’m sure you blog about it when you do.

    I love my current employer, so no. :)

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