Feeling the Digg effect

Hi people! I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the downtime/slowness recently. My post Real hackers don’t use CSS got digged which meant I got LOTS of traffic. Fortunately I got some help first .htaccess redirecting digg traffic to duggmirror (they save digged posts automatically). That took the pressure down enough so I could install WP-Cache and get it configured. Now the site is back up again and is probably also faster for all of you.

Thanks for sticking to this site, I love you all! (lot’s of good articles on the way, stay tuned)

(A note: I use stacken as my host and it was not their fault the server got slow; wordpress just uses up too many mysql connections and a proper cache fixes that.)

3 responses to “Feeling the Digg effect

  1. It’s not easy being popular :) I haven’t read the post in question, better check that out!

  2. Does any one know how digg does those google ads so they are just one large one at the top?
    Jump on to any digg article to see what i mean (cant post links yet)

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