New design for friendlybit coming up

Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I'm now working on the new friendlybit. I've listened to your previous comments, and these are the changes I'm going to make/not make:

  • Blog format stays, no community. You're damn conservative (something like 95% percent said to keep it a blog).
  • More compact writing. I'll skip more of the fluffy wording, and concentrate on what I want said. That means shorter posts.
  • WYSIWYG-editor inside WordPress (my blogging tool) gets turned on. This might make the HTML somewhat worse, but It makes my job easier, so I'll try anyways.
  • Paid links gets removed. I previously sold links on the frontpage and got like $200 a month from them. I've now removed them, since:
    1. It seems to be hip inside the Googleplex to kick on people making money from other things than AdSense.
    2. I have no idea if the PageRank drop from PR6 to PR4 is caused by them, but I'm still going to hope that was the case. We'll see.
    3. To show to myself that blogging isn't about money. Now I most definitely don't blog for the money.
  • Number of feed readers will be used as a way of seeing if I do my job or not. This will also be shown at the top of all pages, so you will be able to follow them too.
  • Comments will be central, as Jesse Skinner suggested. For now, I'm just moving them up, above the fold, but we'll see where we end up.
  • New design underway. As a token of me caring for you (and me wanting to steal your skills), I thought I'd post a screenshoot of it here:

But. This damn layout is to narrow, so I'll just paste a link instead: New friendlybit design. Some ideas (all changable if you give me good reasons):

  • It will be flexible width, between 800 and 1024 pixels.
  • Content and comments will each take up approx 50% of the page width, so you'll get plenty of eyeballs on your comments.
  • I don't know the height of the columns, so I'll just let them expand downwards as long as they need to be.
  • I won't make it work in IE6 (on purpose). This is for my own satisfaction, and seriously, any decent web developer should already have something better. Stats say 60% Firefox, 16% IE7, and 14% IE6. Please upgrade people. I will test it in the latest version of Opera (4.2%) and Safari (4.5%). Why? Because I want more users with good browsers, and fewer with bad. And since this is a personal blog, I can choose. Yay!

Now. Do I have to tell you I want your feedback on that?