Spotify is a lot like…

Hi. Today I want to tell you about a music player called Spotify, that I like. What does that have to do with web development? Nothing, that’s why it’s in the “other” category :)

Anyway. Spotify is a lot like Pandora, you know that music player that runs as a flash applet and suggests music based on your votes. Except Spotify comes as a standalone application, and doesn’t suggest music. And it works outside of the US. Oh, wait, it’s not at all like Pandora.

Instead, it’s very similar to, that massive music site that plays songs based on your tags, and suggests music if you pay for it. Well, except Spotify does not have tags, and it’s free. Bah, it’s not at all like

Oh, now I know, it’s like having downloaded thousands of MP3s from some P2P network. MP3s you worked damn hard to find. But then again, music on Spotify is legal, and there’s a lots more music there than what you will ever have on your hard drive. Damn it, it’s not like downloaded music…

Aha! Now I know. It’s like Winamp, but with a huge library of music, that you store on a remote server instead of on your own hard drive. A Winamp that can play and combine radio stations based on genres, filter out music from a certain century, and play full albums if you want to. A Winamp that’s fully searchable on both artist, song title, and album, that displays CD covers, biographies and suggests similar artists. You guessed it right, it’s not at all like Winamp.

Stay on the lookout for Spotify, soon released on an interweb near you.

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  3. slightly off-topic, but if anyone can suggest an alternative to winamp it’d be appreciated. something that has built in volume normalisation would be a massive plus. ruined speakers at 130dB is never a good thing.

    back on track lastfm + soulseek combo is the best thing since firefox.

    big up emil!

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  5. lewis, there’s a plugin for winamp called enhancer which is pretty neat, think it’s got quite good volume normalisation

  6. Spotify is pointless for anybody that goes mobile and doesn’t have a computer or wireless. I still want to have my music on my hard drive to listen to whenever and wherever I please, without some BS gimmick. I’d gladly pay if they offered downloads in high quality formats without DRM, but until then, this is just another toy. The biggest use it has is finding new artists, nothing more.

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