Tale of a lost mobile

When I stepped off the bus today just outside of home I reached for my mobile phone. Eh? I checked all my pockets, every pocket in the rucksack I carry my laptop in, and went an extra lap around the bus station to see if I could find it. You all know the reaction after that: "FUCK!". Mumbling, I continued homeward. There was no chance I could intercept the bus or even know that the phone was there somewhere.

Finally at home I thought I'd call people and try to solve the problem, but the thing is that I have no other phone. The mobile is all, and it has worked fine until now. What to do, what to do? Well, I made sure that my internet connection worked out alright at least. It did.

Here's a little list of things I did, all thanks to the internet being available:

  1. Contacted a friend on IRC and made him call my number. Three rings later someone pressed "No" and didn't answer the call. What? Made my friend call again and he got directly forwarded to voice mail. Either someone turned it off or someone kicked it broken. Either way, it's gone forever.
  2. Was able to contact one of my brother's friends on IRC. He told my that my brother say right next to him, so I could talk to him.
  3. Made my brother call home and let my parents know that they might get (although not probable) a strange call sometime soon. Their number (conveniently named "A Homenumber") is the first one in my phone book.
  4. Discussed with Björn on ICQ about what to do and got the clever idea to block my sim card. I don't want people to be calling Korea with my money.
  5. E-mailed Sara at the office, asking if she could help me with the block. Expected to fix it first thing in the morning. Left MSN addy at the bottom just in case.
  6. Got contacted 30 min later on MSN by her (Note: this was way after working hours). She had called the support desk and fixed everything for me. Tomorrow I'll borrow an old phone, activate a new sim card, and have my old number working within an hour.

So what do we learn from this?

  • Well. Don't drop your mobile the day before you're about to buy your first flat. You risk losing the auction if you do stuff like that. DOH!
  • If you still manage to drop it, make sure you have someone like Sara that can help you fix everything 30 minutes after getting a casual e-mail. Check.
  • Make sure your company pays a new mobile every two years, and make sure you didn't buy one the last two years. Valtech is nice. Check!
  • Back up your phone book to your computer. Back up? What's that? DOH!

Thanks everyone that helped me out! (and let me know if some of your friends proudly proclaim they found an Ericsson W810i on the bus.)

Updated: Mobile found! I'm going to call someone named Monika tomorrow. Let's hope.

Updated: Mobile found! Monika's daughter found the mobile on the floor on the bus I got home with. She called my parents and since she lived right next to them everything worked out all right. I got the phone back this morning, 10 hours after losing it. With a firm grip I then won the auction for a flat in Årsta. Yay, I have somewhere to live!