Spotify invite via Twitter or Jaiku

I've talked about Spotify before. It's simply the reason I no longer have any music stored on my computer. You heard it right: No more music stored locally on my computer.

What Spotify did to convince me to take this step was to really start to compete with file sharing. Spotify does just that, but manages to do it in a way that pays artists. This is how:

  1. A massive collection of music: They understood that you need to be able to get everything you ever want. That strange song your mother sang to you when you were five? Although P2P networks might have forgot about it, Spotify has not.
  2. Speed: If you get a music urge you shouldn't have to wait for it to download. It needs to start right away. In Spotify, you search for the song you want, and click it. The music starts to play instantly. Yep, it should be that easy.
  3. Pays artists: Everyone downloading copyrighted music from artists that they like, have felt that little sting of "I should really have paid for this". Good artists, that make music I really like, should be paid, it's as easy as that. Spotify does this.

So, how do you get ahold of a Spotify account? Well, you get an invite from someone that has one. That one is me, and I have 20 invites 8 invites No invites left to share.

Sorry people, I have no more invites left, thanks for playing!

If you want an invite, just post a message on twitter or jaiku, and say you want one, and comment here with your e-mail and twitter/jaiku-link. I will give the first 20 an invite through the mail supplied in the comments. My nick is EmilStenstrom.

Let the microblogging spotify madness begin!