New theme up for

Hi! If you're reading this blog through your feed reader, today is a good day to break out of it and have a look at the site. There's been several little changes throughout, and I invite you to click around and explore things. Let me know if you find anything broken!

  1. Comments have moved up to the top and gotten more space. That includes the comment form which have been an insult to people wanting to comment. I'm hoping you reward me by correcting me even more often.
  2. I'm using Google for my searches. Instead of trying to patch the builtin wordpress search I'm just linking to google from the header. It gives both faster and better results.
  3. Design-wise it's much "lighter" than before. The old one felt hard and heavy, and didn't look to be as open as it in fact is.
  4. Widgetized. I'm using wordpress widgets all over the place, which makes the administration of things like the "recent comments" easier. I just log in and change a number from the admin interface.
  5. Fluid width (between 1000 and 1250 pixels).
  6. Much nicer CSS, with a structure that you can actually follow.
  7. I've promised you the number of feed readers clearly visible, and I'm still going to get it done. But I'm not done yet.

No matter what I will keep what I've always done with comments: I will read each and every comment you post, and I won't close articles for comments even though they are a year old. I will keep replying to (almost) all posts within a couple of days. I won't delete your comment just because I disagree with what you're saying, and I will go back and correct the original article with any errors you find.

You are what makes this blog what it is. I could have written all my texts in word instead (and some of you probably wish I did sometimes), but that would have been totally meaningless. Feedback is what makes this blog go around.