Separation in the blink of an eye

I’ve seen them so many times: pages where the HTML is mighty fine (!) but the CSS looks like it’s taken straight from Dreamweaver. While I hate having to deal with those kinds of designs there is something good about them. They prove the point that HTML and CSS are two separate units, and that it’s possible to mess up one of them and do fine on the other. That’s after all the point of CSS…

Now. A much more unusual combination is good CSS together with bad HTML. So I put together a little example for you. Separation illustrated (only works in Firefox, I’m lazy). I’ve made all lines about 80 characters long and removed all other whitespace. Enjoy!

How’s that for a company website?

11 responses to “Separation in the blink of an eye

  1. Haha, every tag is a blink tag. Thats fantastic!

    I’m inspired to produce HTML like that for now on. Maybe we can even put together a new DOCTYPE.. HTML-BLINK 1.0.

  2. @Jesse: You go! :)

    To everyone: Seems the sk2_comment_spam table suddenly exploded, sorry if you weren’t able to comment, everything should be fine now.

  3. LOL!! OH MY! That’s classic. I’ve seen some horrid code before, but I never ever imagined anything like this. As soon as I saw the code, I just sat there with a blank stare and my jaw hanging open and blinked a few times as I tried to get a grip on reality again. You just created a work of art.

  4. i wish i could learn CSS. i have tried and given everything i can but somehow i lose it. i need help.

  5. What exactly does “CSS looks like it’s taken straight from Dreamweaver” look like? CSS is CSS. I’m not sure how you could tell it apart. DW doesn’t add anything to hand-coded CSS.

  6. @Blather: Dreamweaver does not do smart CSS. It generates classes and absolute position them all until they are exactly where you’ve said they should be. That obviously does not work.

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