Web development blogs you should read

The web is filled with blogs about web development. I'm always looking for good blogs to add to my feed reader and I thought some of you might do that too. So let me list the webdev blogs I subscribe to right now (in alphabetic order):

  • 456 Berea St - Roger Johansson is one of the most well known web developers out there, and it's for a reason. He posts almost daily about things happening in the webdev field. Everything from short comments with links to things to full blown articles.
  • Creating passionate users - Simply one of the best blogs there is, all categories. Deals with usability and making users happy. The posts are everything from hilarious to spectacular and I often get the motivation to write from here. Read an article or just look at one of the wonderful graphs. You'll love it.
  • Future of the web - Jesse Skinner writes for all skill levels. Articles vary from basic markup to advanced javascript tutorials. Often with a twist of humour added in the middle of an article. Nice read.
  • Monday By Noon - Jon posts articles weekly (as reflected in the name) about all things related to web development. His friendly tone and ability to explain things makes this site ideal for people starting out. The good thing is that the same style works for more experienced people too. Try one of the articles, I'm sure you'll like it.
  • Pixel Acres - Jonathan Nicol combines webdev articles with thoughts on how to deal with clients and co-workers. Well written and qualitative, what else do you need?
  • Robert's talk - Robert Nyman's blog, mixing personal posts with those that have to do with all kinds of interfaces. Entertaining read that feels balanced and well thought-out.
  • Rund kvadrat - Blog in Swedish about making money on the web. While this isn't the primary concern for many interface developers we should certainly keep it in mind. Does moving a certain link upwards increase the client's sales?

Well, and then there's all the big ones, but they tend to post too much about the conferences they attended and the books they wrote. Also, all their good articles end up on the big webdev news sites, which I also subscribe to.

Do you have any other sites that should be on that list?