Web Standards Hero, episode 1

With a long sigh he throws himself into the big leather sofa he invested in last summer. After a long day of angry customers bitching at him he really needs some rest. That idea to get a job at the local grocery store was not his best ever.

On the nearby foot rest a cup of warm chocolate spreads a little cloud of warm smoke. It's all nicely quiet, and he has had too few hours of sleep lately. Another big sigh and he feels his eyes slowly closing. The world turns blurry…

Out of nowhere a screeching sound breaks the silence! He's on his feet instantaneously and sees his warm chocolate make patterns in the air from his accidental kick. Damn it! The sound grows into something unbearably high-pitched and his hands unconsciously cover his ears. Where's that sound coming from? He pushes his body to move towards the sound, towards the big window against the street.

Stunned he looks at the procession before him: thousands of metallic tables march the street, drawing their wicked legs against the ground and crashing into everything around them. The sound is unbearable! With hands pushing harder against his ears he ponders: Do they marsh on their own? Highly unlikely, he quickly concludes: tables normally stay in the shadows and stick together to protect each other. The answer to his question is sitting at the top of one of the bigger ones: an old school webmaster swings his whip above him, pushing them forward.

This is serious. He takes a few steps backwards. The webmaster he saw was armed with at least 50 deadly spacer gifs, all ready to be thrown at anything that passes their way. Visualizing the town map he sees where they are heading, towards the town center. The public offices there are an easy target for them. He needs to act.

Temporarily letting the terrible sound reach his ears he quickly searches through a wardrobe for his old headphones. And there they are, huge like those ear defenders used by construction workers and bright yellow in color. He puts them on and welcomes the silence and the disguise. No one will recognize him with these on. He picks down a large wooden box from the top shelf. It has been several years since he last used it, but this calls for the heavy cavalry. He opens the lid and lifts up the big text-indent gun. A screw on the side adjusts it to 10000px, and attaches it to his belt after spinning it over his finger. This will get ugly.

Before leaving he stops at the door and picks up his mp3-player, plugging in the headphones and raising the volume. The electric beat steadily increases as he leaves he apartment with a clear goal in sight: to kick some serious table ass…

What will happen in the next episode of Web Standards Hero? Will our hero be able to stop the tables from reaching the town center? Will there be cookies? And what does professor Font have to do with all this? Stay tuned!

Update: Episode 2 available