Top 3 articles of (according to me)

Robert taunted me cause my blog was to inactive, so I thought I'd write something. As you might imagine, pushing me terribly to be creative like that isn't a good way to get good posts up, so I thought I'd just point to some existing articles instead. The selection is not based on popularity, ratings, number of visitors, comments, or anything like that. It's based on me. :)

Now. First up is my post on Justin Timberlake. Surprised? There's lots of good things to say about that one. It was very fun to write, I love writing letters to totally unlikely people, and that was what I did. Secondly, there's a couple of great comments on that post from people that seriously thought there was a chance that Justin would read it. Isn't that like, desperate? Damn right it is. Thirdly, a couple of weeks after that post Robert pulled me aside for a chat: "Don't get upset by this, cause I just want to ask something". "Yes?", I replied, seeing he was somewhat uncomfortable. "Well… Are you gay? I mean that post about Justin some time ago…". What?! Can't you declare your love to a man nowadays without being called gay?! My god! :) (Update: Girlfriend is telling me to point people to the disclaimer below that post. Yeye.)

Number two of my favorite posts is my little webstandards hero thingie. I just got bored of the regular blog format and decided I should try something else. A comic book sounded like a good plan and I just started writing, making up little twists along the way. I like the end result, but I didn't get that many readers (according to stats). Perhaps the webdev world wasn't ready for plastic figures yet. Sad…

Third, and last, on this toplist is of course Real hackers don't use CSS. Again, I'm experimenting with style, and that one actually worked :) It still gets lots of visitors, and hopefully some nice laughs from people. My faviourite response was people from reddit, that were really upset that I used the term hackers like I did. How could I abuse it like that? How could I smear the fine shimmer of gold that emits from someone that can write Perl really well? Because I'm a mean evil person. Of course.

What can I learn from my own favorite posts? That I should experiment with style more. You'll see more of that, I can assure you!